Wednesdays & Fridays    6 - 8 pm

You are welcome to come to our Club and practice fencing with your partner(s). 

In order to reserve your strip and the electronic scoring equipment we ask that you make an appointment in advance. Please contact us for fees and details.


(8 years or older, due to insurance)

Beginners + Intermediates 


Wednesdays: + Fridays  

 6:00 pm  to  8:00 pm 

We are excited to start 2018 with a simplified monthly registration system for all fencers. Think of it as a membership fee if you wish.

Starting January 1st we'll no longer offer separate beginning and ending dates for adults' and children's terms. Every calendar month will be a term. Some months will have more some fewer days but on average they all contain 4.3 weeks.

Tuition: $120    REGISTRATION


Bring your own fencing gear or rent a kit from us for just $30


We offer individual private lessons for children and adults, in foil, epee and saber by our world-class Head Coach

 Classes are customized to your level of skill and designed to help you reach your next competitive level.

Please contact us and we'll work out a suitable schedule 

* * MDC Kendall is CLOSED * *

In a rather unexpected move and without prior consultation, the Dean of "Discontinuing" Education cancelled all fencing (as well as 300 other) classes. 

No explanation was given.

So, regrettably, after many years, there is no more fencing at MDC Kendall.


What age can my child start to fence?

Due to insurance regulations children must be 8 years or older

Am I too old to fence?

There is no (upper) age limit

Do I need to purchase equipment?

You don't have to. You can learn and start to fence without investing in weapons, jackets, gloves or masks. 

You can rent from us on a term by term basis. Eventually you'll want to purchase your own gear. There are no stores in Miami but there are lots of online vendors to choose from.