Maestro Máximo Tack-Fang

Maestro Max Tack-Fang


  • Fencing Instructor at Centro de Alto Rendimiento (Center for Advanced Athletic Performance and Development) located in Cerro Pelado, Havana, Cuba  
  • Began as high school physical education teacher, then went to work as trainer of a special fencing team at the “Municipio 10 de Octubre”. Promoted to the “Escuela de Iniciacion Deportiva Escolar” (introductory school for academic sports). During 7 years there my team was top ranked in both singles and team saber competitions. 
  • At the request of the Mexican Olympic Committee trained the Mexican Armed Forces’ Fencing Team during 1979. The team went on to win the National Championship that same year.
  • Took the Cuban junior fencing team to South Bend, IN to compete in the Junior’s World Championship, while the senior fencing team went on to compete in the Campeonato Centroamericano de Esgrima (Centro-American Fencing Championship) where they took 2nd place (by country).  
  • Promoted to train Cuba’s national junior saber team at the Escuela Superior de Perfeccionamiento Atletico (Higher Institute of Advanced Athletic Training). The team placed first at several national championships, and on five occasions participated in the Juegos Juveniles de la Amistad (Friendship Youth Games). The leading members of the team went on to take first place in the Campeonatos Centroamericanos de Mayores (Senior Centro-American Championships). In 1987 the team placed 7th in the World Junior Fencing Championship. 
  • Appointed to the Cuban National Saber Fencing Team accomplishing the following:

  1. Took the top three places at the Centro-American Championships and Pan American Games (teams and singles competition).
  2. Centro-American Fencing Championship (Guatemala) 1st place (singles and team)
  3. Pan American Games (Indianapolis, Indiana) 2nd place (singles and team)
  4. Centro-American Fencing Championship (Salinas, Puerto Rico) 1st place (singles and team)
  5. Centro-American Games (Mexico), 1st place 
  6. Pan-American Games (1991-Havana, Cuba) 2nd place – team, 1st place-individual 
  7. Sabadell – Spain (1991) 2nd place (singles and team)
  8. World Cup (New York – 1992) 4th place (team)
  9. Univ. of Buffalo (1993), 7th place
  10. Pan American Games (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2nd place (singles and team)
  11. Central-American Games (Ponce, Puerto Rico – 1993) 1st place
  12. 1995 Pre-Olympic games (eliminatory competition), 2nd place.
  13. 1996 Central-American Championships (Havana, Cuba) top three places.  

Miami-Dade County’s Parks and Recreation Department 2001-2012

Developed and ran a fencing program for the entire county. Coordinated several exhibitions and competitions, while imparting fencing lessons in several of the county’s parks while addressing all matters related to the sport, including the armory function, i.e. sourcing and then ensuring that all equipment is in good working condition so as to prevent the likelihood of accidents.  


  • Postgraduate degrees in Sports Psychology and in Sports Theory and Methodology, ISCF Manuel Fajardo, Havana, Cuba. 1985 
  • Bachelor's degree in Sports and Physical Education (Diplomate) ISCF, 1984.  


Official Arbitrator in foil, saber, and epee at the World Cup and World Championships in modern pentathlon during 1998, 1999 and 2000. 

Athletic Accomplishments

  • Member of Cuba’s National Fencing Team: 1965 to 1973 
  • Three times National Champion in saber and two times in foil
  • National Junior Champion in both saber and foil
  • 1st place at the 1966 Central-American Games (Puerto Rico), and 2nd place in 1970 (Panama)
  • 5th place at the 1973 World Collegiate Championship (Moscow, Russia)
  • Competed in the 1969 World Cup (Havana, Cuba), and in the 1967 Pre-Olympic games in Mexico
  • Member of the Cuban team at 1968 Olympics in Mexico
  • Competed in other major fencing tournaments such as Moscow’s Cup, Hungary’s Cup, Balaton Tournament, finalist in saber and foil, Carpathian Mountain Tournament in Romania, Bolowski’s Saber Tournament in Poland, as well as two World Junior Championships in Budapest (1964), Holland (1965) and the Sofia Cup (Bulgaria).  

Professional Contributions

  • Attended several professional development courses for fencing instructors in saber and foil at the national and international level. 
  • Taught courses for saber instructors at the international level, which were organized by the Confederacion Centroamericana de Esgrima (Centro American fencing federation), as well as seminars (practice and methodology) for trainers and instructors
  • Participated in five scientific and technical symposia on fencing at the Centro de Alto Rendimiento, Cerro Pelado.  
  • Participated in professional and scientific conferences on fencing sponsored by the Instituto Superior de Cultura Fisica “Manuel Fajardo” (Institute of Physical Education).
  • Conducted a study on the perception of time by members of the saber fencing team. 
  • Served as academic advisor to candidates of the graduate program on physical education.