Do I need to purchase equipment?

  • You don't have to
  • You can learn and start to fence without investing in weapons, jackets, gloves or masks 
  • Renting is offered as a convenience to new fencers and parents of fencers in order to make it easy to try the sport without making an upfront investment
  • It is a temporary solution: we encourage fencers and parents to acquire their own equipment as soon as the decision is made to continue with the sport, usually after two months
  • You can rent from us on a monthly basis for $50, which includes everything you need, including electric vest, cable, weapon, etc
  • There are no stores in Miami but there are many online stores to choose from

What age can my child start to fence?

 Due to insurance regulations children must be 8 years or older

Am I too old to fence?

There is no upper age limit